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Neo-Soul Music wasn't just about the 1990s


REC – “Make Me Break Like Everyday”

(from RECcollection: The Best of REC 2007-2020)


This week I talk about neo-soul, the progressive R&B genre of the late 1990s that melded 1970s style soul with a hip hop sensibility. I go over some of the major players, including progenitors & artists who emerged after neo-soul faded out. I also discuss why it was so important to the trajectory of R&B, hip hop and music in general, why it seemed to burn out so quickly, and what happened after.

Were you a neo-soul fan? Who were some of your favorite artists? Do you think it burned out because it got too purist, and/or the world had moved on? Or do you think it didn’t burn out at all, but just morphed into the next wave of music & artists? Discuss dammit!


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