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It's been a while ... and here's why

So I realized I haven't blogged in quite a while. Sure, I could blame it on being busy or reprioritizing or just plain forgetting. But there's one huge reason why.


I have been so stressed over my financial situation that my brain apparently needed to thin the herd, and blogging was the first thing to go. I love keeping in touch with you, but the stress has seriously broken down lines of communication.

The sad fact is my podcast is on its last legs, work has been scarce, and I may be losing my home. Which is why I'm writing to you right now. Can you help me?

I'll make it super easy. You can join my Patreon site for as little as ONE DOLLAR A MONTH. I'd of course prefer if you could afford $5, $10, $25 or more, but I get it. Go check it out now to see what you get for that money, and sign up as soon as you can:

If that's not your cup of fluid, here's an even easier way to help out. Donate as much as you can to my campaign. If I can raise enough money, I'll not only keep the podcast alive, I'll keep this life alive. Go here now:

Thank you, and hopefully the next time we speak I'll have some good news.



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