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Nick is a singer/songwriter, producer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist.  He founded the band REC in 2004.  He's also worked with and in several other bands, including:

  • 1989

  • Joy Buzzer

  • Ape Cafe / Business of Ferrets

  • Daniel 7 / The Invisible Kid

  • The E Bus

  • Fred's Spectacular Band

  • Gin Fizz

  • NICK

  • PreFab 4

  • Tullamore

  • Lynx (featuring Alex Montaldo)

Logo for Nick's music production moniker - The Drop

Nick is a producer & recording engineer, and has worked with several music artists and actors, as one half of the production team, The Drop.  You can hear the music by visiting

The Drop on Soundcloud.

Nick in REC shirt, sitting between two 1970s Kustom speakers, modified to serve as CD shelving.

Nick is also a film/web/stage composer, whose credits include:


  • Clandestine

  • Crystal

  • DEALeR

  • Kismet

  • Life at the Edge of Time

  • Nicky Newark

  • Origin of Species

  • Requiem

  • The Zombies of New Milford


  • Bumps in the Night

  • Fury of Solace

  • Lock-Load-Love

  • MTV's My Super Sweet 16

  • This End Up


  • Easy Laughter

  • Masquerade

  • She-Wolf

  • Smoking Newports and Eating French Fries

  • UnderAddress​

Photo by Cathryn Lynne

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