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Nick DeMatteo is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer & recording engineer; a podcaster & podcast producer; a voice over artist & audio engineer; and a film & stage actor. 


He was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in South Jersey's famed Camden County. He attended Rutgers University, where he majored in Acting & Music. 

In 2000, Nick moved to NYC, and has lived there ever since.

In 2002, Nick helped to co-found the theater group, Ten Grand and a Burger Productions. He served as a producer, actor, and composer for several stage productions, including the Cherry Lane Theater's Masquerade.


In 2004, Nick founded the band, REC, as its singer/songwriter. REC has released nine albums, the latest being the five-album box set, The Weird Objective. REC was co-founded by drummer/vocalist Justin Nadal & guitarist/vocalist/producer Daniel Cousins.


In 2008, Nick co-founded Feenix Films LLC, acting as Vice President and Music Director until 2017, during which time he helped to bring forth six feature films, contributing a producer, director, actor, sound engineer, editor, graphic designer, and composer.

In 2010, Nick co-founded the music production team, The Drop, with Daniel Cousins.  The Drop has since produced tracks for several films and artists, including Leighton Meester.

In 2014, Nick co-founded the web series, Nick & Daniel Present, with Daniel Cousins.  It features both comedy skits and original music videos.

In 2018, Nick began the audio, stage & multimedia project, MUSIC is not a GENRE, featuring songs produced, arranged, composed & performed by Nick, with a loose narrative illustrating Nick's history in music, and the idea that all music is connected.  He also founded the accompanying YouTube channel, MUSIC is not a GENRE, featuring podcasts and live & recorded music of all kinds.  The podcasts are now available on many streaming channels: STREAM IT HERE.

In 2020, Nick completed his band REC's magnum opus, The Weird Objective, consisting of five albums in multiple styles in collaboration with several bands and vocalists.

In 2021, Nick portrays Frankie the Guitarist in the film prequel to The Sopranos titled The Many Saints of Newark.

Also in 2021, Nick began producing the podcast, Law in the Family, by the Pennsylvania Bar Association's Family Law section. It can be streamed everywhere.

Nick is a veteran audio producer & engineer, with credits ranging from solo artists to full bands to film & commercial audio to film, TV & web music to voice over reels & podcasts.

Nick has three children, all of whom are totes awesome and brilliant and funny and are involved in music and acting.


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