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New York, NY

Nick is a singer/songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist/ performer.  He founded the band, REC, in 2004, and has been playing and recording with them ever since.  He's also worked with and in several other bands, including:


  • Ape Cafe / Business of Ferrets

  • Daniel 7 / The Invisible Kid

  • The E Bus

  • Fred's Spectacular Band

  • Gin Fizz

  • NICK

  • PreFab4

  • Tullamore

Nick is a producer & recording engineer, and has worked with several music artists and actors, as one half of the production team, The Drop.  You can learn more about his studio services, see a list of production credits, and hear the music, by visiting The Drop website.

Nick is also a film/web/stage composer, whose credits include:


  • Clandestine

  • Crystal

  • DEALeR

  • Kismet

  • Life at the Edge of Time

  • Nicky Newark

  • Origin of Species

  • Requiem

  • The Zombies of New Milford


  • Bumps in the Night

  • Fury of Solace

  • Lock-Load-Love

  • MTV's My Super Sweet 16

  • This End Up


  • Easy Laughter

  • Masquerade

  • She-Wolf

  • Smoking Newports and Eating French Fries

  • UnderAddress​


new songs cover.jpg
New Songs Preview!

Nick has been recording nonstop for the last two years, and is prepping to release FIVE genre-hopping EPs in 2020.  Check out this playlist to preview some of the tunes.

The Sunshine Seminar
2015 - REC

An 11-song album of indie pop electro rock.  Also featured here: 




Distance To Empty
2013 - REC

REC's second official release, a 7-song EP featuring several tracks from the movie, DEALeR.

Film - Cover Tunes

Cover tunes featured on various Feenix Films projects.

Parts and Labour
2007 - REC

REC's official debut album, featuring Daniel Cousins and others.

Clear to Sunrise
2005 - NICK

A best-of compilation, featuring pre-REC songs, and bonus live material

The Metrogrande Sessions
2002 - NICK

The final official Nick solo release, produced by Mike Klein, and including the MTV-featured song, "Scream".

What It Is
2000 - NICK

The seminal Nick EP, featuring the minor hit song, "What It Is".

Listen You People
1998 - NICK

Nick's first fully produced professional album.

Your EP
1996 - NICK

Nick's breakthrough EP, featuring the minor hit, "Zuzu's Petals".