Nick is a singer/songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist/ performer.  He founded the band, REC, in 2004, and has been playing and recording with them ever since.  He's also worked with and in several other bands, including:


  • Ape Cafe / Business of Ferrets

  • Daniel 7 / The Invisible Kid

  • The E Bus

  • Fred's Spectacular Band

  • Gin Fizz

  • NICK

  • PreFab4

  • Tullamore

Nick is a producer & recording engineer, and has worked with several music artists and actors, as one half of the production team, The Drop.  You can learn more about his studio services, see a list of production credits, and hear the music, by visiting The Drop website.

Nick is also a film/web/stage composer, whose credits include:


  • Clandestine

  • Crystal

  • DEALeR

  • Kismet

  • Life at the Edge of Time

  • Nicky Newark

  • Origin of Species

  • Requiem

  • The Zombies of New Milford


  • Bumps in the Night

  • Fury of Solace

  • Lock-Load-Love

  • MTV's My Super Sweet 16

  • This End Up


  • Easy Laughter

  • Masquerade

  • She-Wolf

  • Smoking Newports and Eating French Fries

  • UnderAddress​


Sympathy for the Weird COVER ART.jpg
Sympathy for the Weird
2020 - REC featuring
Vikodin Funeral

The first of FIVE EPs in "The Weird Collection". 

Featuring Vikodin Funeral.

Syzygy for the Weird COVER ART.jpg
Syzygy for the Weird
2020 - REC featuring
Techno Prisoners

The scond of FIVE EPs in "The Weird Collection". 

Featuring Techno Prisoners

new songs cover.jpg
New Songs Preview!

Nick has been recording nonstop for the last two years, and is prepping to release FIVE genre-hopping EPs in 2020.  Check out this playlist to preview some of the tunes.

The Sunshine Seminar
2015 - REC

An 11-song album of indie pop electro rock.  Also featured here: 




Distance To Empty
2013 - REC

REC's second official release, a 7-song EP featuring several tracks from the movie, DEALeR.

Film - Cover Tunes

Cover tunes featured on various Feenix Films projects.

Parts and Labour
2007 - REC

REC's official debut album, featuring Daniel Cousins and others.

Clear to Sunrise
2005 - NICK

A best-of compilation, featuring pre-REC songs, and bonus live material

The Metrogrande Sessions
2002 - NICK

The final official Nick solo release, produced by Mike Klein, and including the MTV-featured song, "Scream".

What It Is
2000 - NICK

The seminal Nick EP, featuring the minor hit song, "What It Is".

Listen You People
1998 - NICK

Nick's first fully produced professional album.

Your EP
1996 - NICK

Nick's breakthrough EP, featuring the minor hit, "Zuzu's Petals".

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