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George Michael - Death is DUMB Volume 12


REC – “Up All Day” (from The Sunshine Seminar)


The 12th episode of MxG’s Death is DUMB series is all about George Michael. I go over his life, his music, his legacy, and his death.

I also talk about his importance as a singer/songwriter, both for the music itself, and especially for expanding the concept of what singer/songwriter music can sound like, beyond the bounds of the standard “person with an acoustic guitar” cliche.

Were you into George Michael and/or Wham!? If not, why not? If so, did you follow him throughout his career, or drop out after FAITH? What biases do you think you might have about him because of who he was, what kind of music he did, how he died, and/or how the media portrayed him? Do you think he qualifies as a singer/songwriter? Discuss dammit!


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