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Metallica - The One True MEGA True METAL Band


REC – “Stop It!” (from Parts and Labour)


I just saw Metallica in concert for the second time, forty years after their album debut. They’re as kick-ass as ever. I’ve been following them for 35 years, and figured a post-concert episode is perfect timing.

I get into their history, their phases, some of the business and politics, and make a case for them being the ONLY truly heavy metal band that has had mega-world-wide success. I also talk about why they’re more than just a metal band.

Are you a Metallica fan? If so, which kind are you? A fan of their early hardcore thrash albums and nothing else? A Metallica (aka The Black Album) convert like so many? A die-hard follower year after year? How do you think they’ve held up after 11 albums? Discuss dammit!


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