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Parts and Labour


Track Listing

Listen Here

1. I'm Gone 03:55

2. Just About to Die 04:16
3. Stop It! 02:34
4. If It Feels All Right 04:06
5. Gold 04:01
6. Mine Alone 04:08
7. Some Things Happen 03:46
8. Beautiful Love 02:56
9. Fall 03:12
10. Break You 03:52
11. It's Like This 06:27
12. Come A Little Closer (Scared Boy Remix) 04:06
13. ATHF (Theme to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" 02:52


About the Album

Parts and Labour is REC's 2007 debut. With the help of Justin Nadal on the front end & Daniel Cousins on the back, I found great musicians who helped me shape “singer/songwriter-y” songs into what would become REC’s signature sound: electro power pop. It was both a summary & distillation of everything I’d done before, and REC’s breakout.

Highlights are “If It Feels All Right” (featuring backup vocals from my dad, my then young daughter Katie, and a few friends), “Some Things Happen”, “Beautiful Love” and “Break You”. “Gold”, “Come A Little Closer (Scared Boy Remix)” and “ATHF (Theme to Aqua Teen Hunger Force)” have seen the most airplay. Songs from the album were featured in several films.

*That “REC button” on the front – a mix of electronic and organic (just like the music) – signifies that when you hit RECORD, the magic starts to happen.
*The album name was inspired by a few things: my then new day job at the Bronx Zoo, which involved a lot of invoicing; the “labour” of putting the “parts” of music together to create songs & an album; an homage to my love of British music – hence the spelling of “labour”.
*You can find a bunch of easter eggs, jokes & inside info if you look closely at all the art.

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