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Death is DUMB Volume 11: David Bowie


REC – “Silence of the Disabused” (from RECcollection: The Best of REC 2007-2020 and Symphony for the Weird)

This week I spotlight David Bowie. He and his entire career can be defined by one word: undefinable. I sort out why that’s the ultimate state of EVERY artist, few of whom ever achieve that, and how the long view can show that all the pieces fit to make one unrepeatable picture.

Are you a Bowie fan? If so, when did you get into him, and were you able to explore most or all of his phases? If not, why not? Have you always thought of Bowie as whatever of his music you got into first, or are you able to integrate his full range of expression? Discuss dammit!

*intro music credit: REC - "Wake Up High"


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