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U2 - like, all of it

Season 5 Episode 30 – U2 - Absorb the FEEDBACK and Listen Through THE HYPE


REC – “Believe the Lie” (from Distance To Empty) –


Nick Live – “Stay (Faraway, So Close!)”

In this week’s episode, I subdue another bear of a subject: U2. They might be the most successful band in history that’s also the most misunderstood. I try to get past the hype, the personality, and the mischaracterizations, and go straight for the music.

I also go through their entire discography, and end with a few big takeaways, some of which might surprise you.

Are you a U2 fan? If so, have you been able to follow them through all their changes and despite any media backlash? If you’re not a fan, did you used to be & aren’t anymore, or did you never like them? What do you think most defines them as a band? Discuss dammit!


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