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TV Music - one of my all-time favorite things

FEATURED SONG: The Drop feat. Ape Cafe – “Lock-Load-Love” (from IT WASN’T ME !)


This week I dive into TV music. I run down some iconic & favorite TV theme songs from each decade since the very beginning, dividing the list between full-on songs with lyrics & choice instrumentals. I limit the list to songs written specifically for each show, and not pre-existing songs chosen as themes (though I’ll mention some of those too).

I also talk about TV music in general, and how pop songs gradually infiltrated the soundtracks of almost every show.

Are you into TV theme songs? Are there ones that to this day you can still sing or hum? Do you think there was a heyday of TV theme songs? How does my favorites list compare to yours? How much popular music have you discovered through watching TV? Discuss dammit!


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