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The HUNDRED YEAR DECADE SLAM - every genre's peak era

FEATURED SONG: The Drop - "Centerfield" (cover of the John Fogerty song - from IT WASN'T ME !)

This week I take a trip through time and through all the major genres of music. I proclaim with all my infallible authority & knowledge when each genre was at its peak – i.e. in which decade of the 20th or 21st century was each genre at its overall best. I use the “three Cs” criteria, from which I take an aggregate measure: CREATIVITY – the breadth & depth of exploration; CHARM – how well-loved the music was & how much it connected to the culture’s imagination & zeitgeist; and COMMERCE – how much money did it make for artists & record companies.

These are the genres I’ll be tackling: Ambient Asian & African Pop Music Blues Classical Country Easy Listening EDM Electro Pop Euro Pop Film Music Folk Funk Hip Hop Indie/Alt Rock Jazz Latin Metal Musical Theater Pop Power Pop / Emo Progressive Rock Punk & Post-Punk Reggae R&B/Soul Rock Swing Techno/House/Trance/Dubstep/Drum & Bass

This doesn’t mean that music wasn’t popular (or even more popular) in other decades. It doesn’t mean it was the ONLY decade when artists were creatively fruitful (or even at a peak). And it doesn’t mean that genre didn’t make lots of (or even more) money in another decade. It’s about the music’s overall impact on the culture, and especially on the world of music in general. Oh and I don’t go into most sub- or ANY sub-sub-genres.

Which decades are your favorites for these genres? Are there other decades you think were even better? Discuss dammit!


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