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The Beatles Part 5 - Breakdown to Basics

FEATURED SONGS: NICK – “Home To” (from The Metrogrande Sessions)


NICK (as RUPERT) LIVE – “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)”

In the fifth edition of my six-part Beatles series, I walk through their final phase as a foursome. Despite the pull to want to each do their own things, they came together to create two of their most beloved albums. After their years of exploring multi-layered psychedelica, Let It Be and Abbey Road brought them back to basics in very different ways.

Though their breakup still stings for many of us, I argue that not only was it inevitable (and not for all the reasons we think), it was also the best possible end. For them and for the music.

I also weigh in on the top three of: 1. Their overall best album as a singular work of art; 2. Their most musically creative and innovative album; 3. Their best album as a collection of great singles; and 4. My current favorite album.

Are either of these albums your favorite? Do you prefer this period to their other periods? Do you think it was better that they broke up, or do you still wish they’d stayed together? And what are YOUR picks? Discuss dammit!


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