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My interview with NOMAD

I spend over an hour with NOMAD, music producer, music director, and session/touring guitarist who has been heavily active in the industry since the 1990s. Nomad has toured the world many times over, and has been featured on countless GRAMMY-winning records. NOMAD's compositions are in circulation in over 300 TV shows, commercials, films, as well as chart topping albums.

He's also creator of The CareerMusician (TCM) – a social network of pro musicians sharing knowledge and personal experiences in entertainment, and its accompanying podcast.

We talk about his career, the music industry in general, and how his course, Pro Level Sessions, will help any home recording musician make their music sound even better.

Check out the Ultimate "Flowers" Remake Contest - where you can remix Miley Cyrus' hit for a chance to win exclusive access to Pro Level Sessions, AND NOMAD's book, Ethos: The Career Musician's Code.

Deadline for entry is June 21, 2023. But don't worry! If you miss out, you can still get Pro Level Sessions. I HIGHLY recommend it. Use the same link above!

Find out more about NOMAD's career & music here:

And follow @TheCareerMusician on social.

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