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My interview with MASTER ENGINEER Joe DeLuca

I spend an hour with Joe DeLuca. Joe is a producer, engineer, musician, writer & performer, who owned & operated Why Me Recording in Gibbsboro, NJ for 35 years, recording well over 600 bands. Joe's recent credits include Kurt Bock's Abstract Geometry & singer/songwriter Jeff Ehling. For more on Joe, check out his website:


Mattson / DeLuca - "Too Far Gone"

(Bill Mattson - vocals, Brian McMahon - guitar, Dave Kloss - bass, Ritchie DeCarlo - drums, Joe DeLuca - guitar/keys/mixing)

Creamcicle Spiders - "I"

(Karolyn DiAntonio-Jordon - vocals, Dave Kloss - bass, Ritchie DeCarlo - Drums, Joe Deluca - guitar/keys/mixing)

NICK - "Your Sister"

(Nick DeMatteo - vocals, Pete Braidis - rhythm guitar, Cary Wallace - lead guitar, Dave Borginis - drums, Chris Leaverton - bass, Joe DeLuca - mixing)


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