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My interview with John Kiran Fernandes of Elephant 6

I spend an hour with John Kiran Fernandes. John is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, music creator, and owner of the music label Cloud Recordings. He's been a seminal part of the famed Elephant 6 collective, having played with many of its bands, including The Olivia Tremor Control & Circulatory System. John is also the father of musician/artist Jeremy Kiran Fernandes.

Find out more about John, and listen to some of his great music, here:

Cloud Recordings - music label

Cloud Recordings on Bandcamp

Shane Parish, feat. John Kiran Fernandes

John on Facebook:

And to read more on the Elephant 6 music collective, check out this book:

Endless Endless: A Lo-Fi History of the Elephant 6 Mystery

Support MxG & REC:

*intro/outro music credit: "Sing Owwt" by REC, featuring ASCII Vision


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