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Covers Albums - the best & the worst

Season 5 Episode 13

FEATURED SONG: The Drop - "Lovely to See You" (from It Wasn't Me!)

In this episode I discuss covers albums and the concept of covers in general. I use a few of my favorite covers albums to illustrate how the best cover songs capture the essence of the original without needing to replicate the sound. And in fact those that DON’T replicate the sound are almost always way better.

This episode comes on the eve of my new album debut, It Wasn’t Me! – featuring cover songs & songs made for movies & other like projects. You can hear it on DECEMBER 16 @ REC’s Bandcamp:

What are your favorite covers albums? Do you prefer covers to stay as true to the original as possible, or do you like artists to reinterpret and/or experiment? Discuss dammit!


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