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Comparing Dickens to Prince - a book by Nick Hornby

FEATURED SONGS: REC - “SNo Globe” (from The Sunshine Seminar)



In this banner sixth edition of Book Talk, I dig into Nick Hornby’s Dickens and Prince: A Particular Kind of Genius. I break down each chapter using quotes & observations, and discuss whether Nick Hornby – excellent author and passionate music lover – was or wasn’t the best person to write this book.

One of my missions with MxG is to find connections where none seem to be. Dickens and Prince are two of my all-time favorite artists in any medium, yet I NEVER would have thought to connect them. I love that Hornby has done it, and even though some of the parallels AND some of Hornby’s Prince critique seem like stretches, ultimately the book treats both subjects with reverence and understanding, and it’s a real pleasure and an easy read.

Are you fans of Dickens and/or Prince? Would you have thought to connect them in any way? If you read this book, how well do you feel Hornby did? Discuss dammit!


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