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FEATURED SONG: *Anon.* – “Move Ahead, Long Boy” (from IT WASN’T ME !)

We’ve hit the halfway point of Season 5 (more or less), and what a season it’s been. In this third catch-up episode, I give some fan shoutouts, especially to those fans who prompted “music, conversation & connection”, as I so often mention. I make some additions & corrections to most of this season’s episodes. I talk about what’s been going on with me music-wise, and what’s coming up for everything.

I also dive into what it means to fetishized the past, and how important it is to contextualize, recontextualize, and stay as connected to the present as you are to those things you know & love.

If I’ve missed a comment from you, or some idea/band/fact you think should be here, then let’s discuss dammit!

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