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Beatles Part 2 - Strung-Out & Stretching Superstars


REC – “I’ll Be Back” (from It Wasn’t Me !)

In this second of my six-part series on The Beatles, I go over their film albums and the album that was sandwiched in between. It’s one of the least explored Beatles eras, because most of the attention has been placed on the films themselves. While every Beatles phase was transitional, this one might be the most significant, because it bridged the gap between their rock n roll / cover band / imitative years and their upcoming creative outburst of genius and originality. This phase is when they started stretching beyond their influences & exploring what it meant to be themselves. I also talk about how that album in between the films showed that they were overworked, over-toured, and beginning to be over the crazy fame monster.

Which songs from these albums are your faves? Which movie do you prefer? How do you rank this era in their career? Discuss dammit!


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