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A blog video post all about ME and MY MUSIC and WHY the hell am I doing all this.

Welcome to WEEK 187 of 4T! (Video Episode #13) Nick DeMatteo – Modern Discography (1995-present)

I’m taking a 4T pause this week to discuss the cause of all my weekly postings, them being:

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Song for Saturday – I started way back in February 2016, with “SNo Globe”, which at the time was off my latest release, The Sunshine Seminar. I decided to do a “reverse chronology” of my music from that point on. Nearly 200 weeks (and songs) later, I’ve made it all the way back to 1986 – and there’s still more to go.

[if !supportLists]· [endif]The Thursday Throwback Track (4T) – In April 2016, I took a look at the vast collection of cassettes I purposely displayed at the foot of my bed. I realized that everything I’ve ever listened to has somehow connected to everything I’ve ever written & produced, and that it would be cool to both explore those connections and discuss all kinds of music in general.

[if !supportLists]· [endif]New Music Tuesday (NuMuTu) – Then about two years ago, as I started to record my next batch of songs, I wanted to cast the spotlight on what I’m doing now. Every week I either share a new song I’ve written/produced/covered, or announce a gig or some other new aspect of what I’m doing.

SO … why?? What’s the point of doing all this? It’s a real commitment to not miss a single week’s post – three times a week – for years. What’s my motivating factor? YES I love evolution & seeing how artists grow & change & link to their origins (Song for Saturday). YES I love to discuss any artist I’ve ever been into, both in general and in certain contexts (The Thursday Throwback Track). YES I’m an active music artist myself (REC, Nick DeMatteo, other bands), and want to share my new releases and activities (New Music Tuesday). But what links all those?

Well that’s easy. Me. My music. I live & breathe music, and want everyone to know it. I am a veteran times infinity at this point, and loving every minute of every music thing in my life. Like the artists I feature, I have a history, an evolution, even a legacy. A good songwriter/musician friend of mine believes that it doesn’t matter how old a song is if it’s good. And it ESPECIALLY doesn’t matter if the vast majority of the world has no idea who you are. To them, a song from 1999 is the same as one from 2020. SO … above and below are direct links to my discography, with songs dating as far back as 1995 – what I consider my “modern” period, after a good 15 years of development.

Nick DeMatteo – Modern Discography -

Listen. Explore. Share. Like. Comment. And stay tuned … all of this is leading up to a stage show I’m producing, to be workshopped this year & debuted soon after.

What are your favorites? What’s your take in general? What do you think of any of this?? Discuss dammit!

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