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The Thursday Throwback Track - Episode 178: Royal Crescent Mob & "Some Things Happen"

Welcome to WEEK 178 of 4T! (Video Episode #4)

Royal Crescent Mob – Spin the World (1989)

How Do YOU Discover the New These Days?

Ever walk through a bookstore and not really know what you want, and while you’re browsing you find a book that catches your interest enough to buy it? That same thing happened to me a lot when walking through Tower or Full Circle or Sam Goody. Usually I’d go into a store knowing exactly what I wanted, and needing to get it NOW or I’d start to itch. Sometimes I’d browse new shit and feel the urge to throw a curve ball into my collection. I’ve always been restless for the new, and never want to miss out on something that might change my way of thinking about music, or at least make me feel good listening to it. Some of those finds ended up becoming lifelong love affairs. Others were one-time fancies that I was so glad I took the time to discover. And a small handful of others were total duds that felt like wasted time & money – YES I take this music shit seriously 😊.

Royal Crescent Mob fell firmly into the second category. They were a band I always thought was from the West Coast, because they sounded like cousins to RHCP & Fishbone – funky punky rock, but with a spoonful of East Coast’s G. Love & Special Sauce. So I guess it makes sense they were actually from Columbus, Ohio. I haven’t heard any of this album in 30 years, so I listened in on YouTube to refresh my memory. I can see why I liked them enough to keep the album all these years, but not so much that I ever bought anything else by them. They had a laid-back crunchiness that shirked pop sensibilities & took them places I didn’t go until a few years later. Timing be everything! Still, they’re a band that deserves a second listen, especially the tunes below. I need me the funk, the punk, the pop, the rock, and the WEIRD.

This song of mine has pretty much all of those elements:

Favorites are: “Big Show”, “Hungry”, “Corporation Enema”, “Nanana”, “Going to the Hospital”

How do YOU discover random new music these days? Discuss dammit!

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