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The Living Career of the Dead Milkmen

(from Facebook REC page - 2016)

The Dead Milkmen

Metaphysical Graffiti (1990), Soul Rotation (1992)

This week is a shout out to a hometown band, Philly's own The Dead Milkmen. Saw these dudes in concert several times way back, including an incredible show at the Trocadero on a bill with Nixon’s Head. Anyone who knows this band knows these two albums come at the tail end of their classic period. They in fact mark their transition from indie label to major label. Neither album is my fave of theirs, but when I love a band, I get it all. And these two albums definitely show off what Dead Milkmen are all about – tongue in cheek, farcical lyrics backed by loose-ass, high energy punk.

I have carried this energy through to several of my songs, both lyrically and musically. Check out “Sick” as just one of many examples:

The titles alone make you want to listen, if only to find out how the hell they fleshed out the ideas! On

Metaphysical Graffiti, listen to “I Tripped Over the Ottoman” and “If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire”. On Soul Rotation, it’s got to be “All Around the World” and “Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys”.

FYI over 30 years later they're still out there kickin' it. Discuss dammit!!

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