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Throwback Tracks! Here's the first post from 2016, with more to come:

They Might Be Giants (1986) -



They Might Be Giants (1986) -

I’m not sure any shelf better embodies the diversity of my influences than this one. I won’t say all of these are favorites – or even actual influences – but they all meant something to me. So for the first Thursday Throwback Track, let's discuss They Might Be Giants’ eponymous debut.

I’ve seen them several times in concert. I’ve followed them since that very first pink album you see there on the shelf. Their fearless embrace of any and all musical styles and any and all lyrical worlds, and their ability to be as wacky or as intellectual as they want to be, taught me that even back in the heavily genre-split 1980’s, it’s all about doing whatever feels right to you. Their early incarnation was as two vocalists/instrumentalists backed by electronic tracks – wayyyy before this became ALMOST THE NORM in the last ten or so years, and coincidentally very similar to the way I’ve done my last 20 shows. TMBG is one of the small but increasing handful of bands whose catalog I’ve listened to completely – other than the 1-800 songs and song-a-day craziness, which I defy anyone to have kept up with!

SO HARD to pick a favorite track from this album, so I’ll pick five out of the NINETEEN featured: “Everything Right Is Wrong Again”, “Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head”, “Don’t Let’s Start”, “Youth Culture Killed My Dog”, and “Chess Piece Face”.

Discuss dammit!!

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