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In this episode, I go over all the ways you can support MxG, why your support is SO necessary, and what you get for that support. All those links are below.

I also talk about the new album CHEAT CODES - by Black Thought & Danger Mouse, and give a shout out to Beach Bunny. Oh yeah, and of course the comedy.

Here's how you can support MxG & REC:

MxG on Patreon - membership for as little as $5/month

MxG on Anchor - monthly membership at whatever rate you can handle

Subscribe to MxG on YouTube - subscribing is free, and you can add a one-time donation here:

REC on Bandcamp - buy REC music once, or subscribe for as little as $5/month

Subscribe to REC on YouTube - totally free and one of the BEST places to get REC music

Official Website of Nick DeMatteo - sign up free for Nick's newsletter!


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