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The eternal struggle for every music creator is to be heard. By fans - people outside their circle of friends & family. By other musicians. By tastemakers, playlisters, critics, producers, record labels, and other industry people.

Lots of ears. NONE are actually EASY to get to, but some are easier than others. I've worked hard to build a worldwide fan base for REC music, and have avid listeners from as far afield as Australia & Japan. I've worked with great producers & musicians, who tend to really dig REC music. All good, and it took years of NOT JUST HARD but CONSISTENT WORK.

Where things tend to falter for most musicians is THE INDUSTRY. REC has had some positive critical response, some playlisting, and some film & web exposure. But when it comes to the big ticket items - nada. That could change in a heartbeat. Or it couldn't. And while it's MOST IMPORTANT to always be out there creating & sharing & pounding on doors, it's also true that THE INDUSTRY HAS CHANGED.

There's a whole layer of AI-algorithmia between artists and the people who listen to & choose music. Sync licensing - getting a song into film, TV, commericals - is almost all run by AGGREGATOR SITES These are places you can dump your music, where sync people ostensibly go to hear it & pick it for their projects. They're about as effective as posting your songs on Myspace. Without a sync licensing agent, you may as well throw thumb drives at pedestrians.

It's easy to believe that NO ONE IS LISTENING. And when it comes to that level, it may be true. But the whole truth is that SOMEONE ALWAYS LISTENS. Even if it's some random person Shazaam-ing your song in a store in Helsinki (yes, that happens to REC). It's ALWAYS WORTH IT to put your music out there. And to look for support while you're building your empire.

If YOU would like to support REC's empire building efforts, join me on Patreon. You get a whole lot more than just the satisfaction of patronizing a dedicated artist.


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