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Long Held Grudges

The Drop - Long Held Grudges - COVER.jpg

Track Listing

1. Outerloper 02:22
2. 5lide 02:57
3. Classical Space Jazz 1 02:24
4. Breaking the Shadow 02:09
5. Flunky Fesh 03:17
6. Mellow Mind Thump 02:19
7. Floating and Gone 02:44
8. Treading Too Deep 04:13
9. Redemption 04:00

10. Ghosts of Home 03:15
11. Rocket Trip, Man - BONUS TRACK

Listen Here


About the Album

Long Held Grudges (2022) is a compilation of soundtrack pieces & music beds. Most tracks are pre-existing material, either used as is in film or web projects, or modified for reuse in the future (tracks 1, 2 & 6). Track 5 is entirely new. All tracks were created under my production team name, The Drop.

The title has kind of a double meaning.

1. It refers to the fact that most of these tracks are several years old, and released only as part of film or web projects. This is music I held onto, begrudgingly hoping it would be heard by a wider audience, and realized after some recent events that I had to be the one to let it go.

2. It also alludes to some of the relationships I forged because of this music, most of which generated some kind of bad blood. Some of these relationships ended badly, some came to a quietly positive but distinctly altered state, and others have never been fully resolved. Like with sharing the music, I realized it's up to me to let go.

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