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Distance To Empty


Track Listing

1. Never Tell 04:03

2. Shoot To Kill 04:10

3. Little White Lies 03:26

4. Love In Stockholm 03:07

5. Different Oceans 04:19

6. When It Comes 03:23

7. Believe the Lie 04:36

Listen Here


About the Album

Distance To Empty (2013) is REC’s most insular album, made up mostly of breakup songs & songs of loneliness &
disillusionment. I had just ended a 26-year relationship, soooo... yeah. The lone outlier is the falling-in-love song “When It Comes”.


Highlights are “Never Tell”, “Shoot To Kill”, and “When It Comes”, with “Love In Stockholm” throwing in a weird twist.

D2E was HUGELY significant for several reasons:
*It was REC’s first official release in six years.
*It was the FIRST ALL-DIGITAL album by REC. By this point, CDs were a thing of the past, and vinyl & cassettes hadn’t made their resurgence.
*It was also REC’s first FULLY ELECTRO POWER POP album, with heavy focus on ELECTRO. Other than vocals, guitars & bass, everything else on this album is either digital sounds or samples. D2E fleshed out what REC was hinting at on only a handful of Parts and Labour tracks, and was made possible with heavy contribution from Daniel Cousins.


*The album name came from all the driving I did when I still had a car, and also signifies where I was emotionally & personally.
*Every track but “Shoot To Kill” was originally conceived for the feature film DEALeR, written by & costarring Kate McGrath and directed by & costarring Nick DeMatteo.

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