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Listen You People

This is the cover art for Nick's 1996 EP, Your EP. The Sharpie on Nick's forehead was real.

Track Listing

1. Your Sweetness 03:04
2. Water Baby 03:20
3. Zuzu's Petals 03:54
4. Xylophone Ways 03:45
5. Your Sister 03:29

Listen Here


Coming Soon
to Streaming!

About the Album

Your EP (1996) was NICK's first official release. It was recorded at Why Me? studio in Gibbsboro, NJ. Mixing & mastering by Joe DeLuca.


Major help & most of the music was done by Pete Braidis, Dave Borginis & the rest of the Ape Cafe crew.

Highlights are "Your Sweetness" & "Zuzu's Petals"

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