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The Metrogrande Sessions


Track Listing

1. On the One 01:56
2. Your Sister 03:32
3. Behind the Shadow 03:06
4. Come A Little Closer 04:43
5. Regular Day 03:23
6. Just One Day 03:13
7. Home To 02:19
8. Deal 03:09
9. It's Almost Over 03:30
10. The Same Way 03:02
11. Scream 04:19

Listen Here


About the Album

The Metrogrande Sessions (2002) is the last official album I did under the artists name NICK. It was produced by the late Mike Klein, with major musical contributions by Philly's own Chuck Treece. Engineering by William Moses & Ken Feldman. And mastered by Andy VanDette.

Metrogrande was the first album I ever submitted for streaming.


The song "Scream" was featured on MTV's My Super Sweet 16.

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