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Listen You People

Listen You People Cover.jpg

Track Listing

1. Naked 03:34
2. Do You Wanna 02:25
3. Sick 03:27
4. My Grace 03:54
5. Peggy's Eyes 04:42
6. Go Down 03:45
7. Behind the Shadow 04:19
8. Sense Of 02:19
9. The Moon in Daytime 04:46
10. Too Much Reality 03:28
11. Deep, Dark Yesterday 05:01
12. You Can't Touch Me 04:58
13. Listen You People 02:38

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About the Album

Listen You People (1998) was recorded at Pump Town Studios in Spring City, PA. Joe Mattis & Tom Volpicelli did tons of work - performance, production, etc. It's now remastered and reissued for the first time on all streaming services.


Lots of people helped to bring this about, at a time when recording was still pretty expensive, including the Keltings, the Besancons, the Allens, the DeMatteos, and Bernie Resnick.

Highlights are "Naked", "Sick", "Peggy's Eyes", "Sense Of", "Too Much Reality", and the title & closing track.

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