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Track Listing

1. Your Sweetness 03:02
2. Water Baby 03:20
3. Zuzu's Petals 03:53
4. Xylophone Ways 03:44
5. Your Sister (Original Version) 03:28
6. Standin' There 04:11
7. Away 04:36
8. Just the Same 03:37
9. Zuzu's Petals (Power Pop Version) 04:28

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About the Album

96 / 95 (2023) is a remastered reissue of two of NICK's seminal EPs: 1996's YOUR EP, and 1995's Standin' There (previously unreleased). Both were recorded at Joe DeLuca's Why Me? Recording.


Several songs from YOUR EP were featured on NICK's best of compilation, Clear To Sunrise, as was Standin' There's "Just the Same". The songs "Xylophone Ways", "Your Sister (Original Version), "Standin' There", "Away", and "Zuzu's Petals (Power Pop Version)", are seeing their first ever streaming release.

The members of Ape Cafe played the music on YOUR EP (tracks 1-5). The members of the 1980s Philadelphia power pop band The Chasers played on Standin' There (tracks 6-9).

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