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The Beatles Part 4 - Eclectic Experimenters


REC – “It’s All Too Much” (from IT WASN’T ME ! and Synergy for the Weird)

The Drop feat. Nick DeMatteo – “I’m So Tired” (from IT WASN’T ME !)


In this fourth edition of my six-part Beatles series, I go over their most experimental phase, focusing on Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles (The White Album), and Yellow Submarine.

This is the period (1967-69) when the Beatles’ cohesion was starting to fracture in more ways than one, including the whole concept of what it meant to be “the Beatles”. While it ultimately caused their breakup, it also spurred three albums with the most eclectic array of music the Beatles ever did. And I explain why The Beatles is the one album that epitomizes everything they ever were.

Are any of these albums your favorite? What about this era as a whole? Can you hear how both exploration & dissension went hand in hand? Discuss dammit!


*intro music credit: REC - "Wake Up High" by REC

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