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FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 5 - an A to Z list of great music

*intro music credit: REC - "Wake Up High"

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FEATURED SONG: REC - "Some Things Happen" (from Parts and Labour)

In this banner first episode of Season 5, I run down my A to Z master list of favorite music artists. These are not acts I just like – that list would be 100 times longer. These are artists I love and can’t get enough of. Heart artists, you might say. Some of them have already been featured on MxG. Others are in the works, and serve as a preview of what’s to come in Season 5. Here’s the list:

Alice In Chains / Ape Cafe / Apples in Stereo Bach / Beastie Boys / Beatles / Bee Gees / Tony Bennett / Leonard Bernstein / Big Audio Dynamite / Bloc Party / David Bowie / Dave Brubeck Chicago / Chopin / The Clash / George Clinton / Phil Collins / Cornershop / The Cure The Dead Milkmen / Nicky DeMatteo / Depeche Mode / The Drop Eminem Foo Fighters / Fountains of Wayne G. Love & Special Sauce / Genesis / Green Day / Vince Guaraldi Hall & Oates / Jimi Hendrix / Hole / Husker Du Indigo girls / INXS Billy Joel The Kinks / Lenny Kravitz Led Zeppelin / John Lennon / LL Cool J Paul McCartney / Metallica / Thelonious Monk / Morrissey New Order / NICK / Nirvana Oasis / Ozzy Osbourne Pearl Jam / Prince / Louis Prima Queen REC / Red Hot Chili Peppers / R.E.M. / Smokey Robinson / The Roots / Run - DMC Smashing Pumpkins / The Smiths / Stephen Sondheim / Soundgarden / Squeeze (retroactively) Matthew Sweet / Stone Temple Pilots James Taylor / They Might Be Giants U2 Violent Femmes The Who / Wings / The Wombats / Stevie Wonder XTC Yazoo / Yes The Zombies

Where do we agree? Where do we disagree? Who should I have included? Discuss dammit!


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