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Nick DeMatteo - Interviewed by Cathryn Lynne! - Interview Edition #13
MUSIC is not a GENRE - Season 4 Episode #5



In a STUNNING REVERSAL, interviewer becomes interviewee, thanks to the charming & insightful conversational talents of Cathryn Lynne.


This here's a talk in wherewhich Cathryn asks Nick a bunch of questions, and they keep jawing until you want more more more.


For more on Nick, go here: 

REC on Bandcamp:

REC on YouTube:


And you can find Nick and his band REC's music EVERYWHERE. Search for these albums:

Synergy for the Weird

Syncopy for the Weird

Symphony for the Weird

Syzygy for the Weird

Sympathy for the Weird

The Sunshine Seminar

Distance to Empty

Parts and Labour

Clear To Sunrise

The Metrogrande Sessions

What It Is

Listen You People

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