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The Freewheeling Catch-Up Machine #1 - Goomba Edition
MUSIC is not a GENRE - Season 4 Episode #18



FEATURED SONG: REC – “Wonder Wonder” (from Symphony for the Weird)

It’s been a busy year. Lots of work & lots of changes. There’s not always time to stop & reflect. But that’s all about to change.


I’ve been reviewing old episodes – actually listening to my own shite. I noticed more than once that I missed commenting on something, or maybe didn’t even know something at the time. I’m also reading viewer comments & suggestions, and y’all have a lot of awesome stuff to say.


So I’ve compiled all of that for this week’s episode & kicked off a brand new series. It’s our chance to get beyond the usual formats & freestyle some talk. And the more you comment & respond, the more often I’ll bring this series back.


Here’s what I’m getting into this week:

  1. Matthew Sweet – responding to comments from Vinny C, Matte S & Todd C.

  2. Chart Action ’83 – responding to a comment from Dr. Hookyeah

  3. Billy Joel – fleshing out a comment discussion I had with Jim C.

  4. The Hives – lots of news related to wealth distribution

  5. Liz Phair – how comparing her to Avril Lavigne was supposed to be a dig

  6. New albums from old artists – They Might Be Giants, ABBA, Duran Duran

  7. What I’m listening to now – Catching you up on my chronolography

  8. Chris Cornell – his solo work & the general idea of reading into lyrics

  9. Goomba Music – fleshing out a discussion about popular Italian singers started by Cheryl L. & continued in my interview with Nicky DeMatteo


You’ll have to watch to hear all the finer points. As for what I want to correct, there’s a song that needs some love. Of all the REC tunes on Spotify, only “Wonder Wonder” has gotten ZERO listens. I’ll post it at the end of this video as usual, but please if you’re a Spotify user, check the link below and give it a spin.


REC – “Wonder Wonder” (from Symphony for the Weird)


What else ya got for me? Discuss dammit!

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