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Some Days are Hard, Some Days are Easy - Bands with Day Names
MUSIC is not a GENRE - Season 3 Episode #25




REC – Sympathy for the Weird

REC – “Three More Minutes” (from Synergy for the Weird)


I love naming things. Songs. Albums. Podcasts. Children. The list goes on. Names are powerful. So naturally I’m fascinated by them. In researching this podcast, I wanted to see if anyone has tried to make a comprehensive list of every band name ever in history from all types of music. Nope. And I was kinda happy about that because I would have probably read the whole thing.


Instead, I decided we’d have a little fun. I found five CDs from bands that have days of the week in their names. I looked up ALL the bands with day names that have made any kind of impact (i.e. that I could actually find), and it turns out there are HARDLY ANY. I thought since there are hundreds of songs with day names in them that there’d be at least a few dozen bands, but I could only find 17. Of those only 6 (#s 1, 4, 11, 12, 16 & 17 below) have had any measure of fame. And really it’s only FIVE because one of them (#12) changed their name to Radiohead before hitting it big. I was shocked that the list is that small.


Here it is:

  1. Blue Monday – hardcore punk band from Vancouver, active 2001-06

  2. Happy Mondays – Manchester Brit pop neo-psychedelia band

  3. Hey Monday – pop punk band from Florida

  4. See You Next Tuesday – deathcore & mathcore band from Michigan

  5. ‘Til Tuesday – new wave alt rock band from Boston, active through the 1980s

  6. Tuesday – punk emo band from Chicago

  7. Dead by Wednesday – heavy metal band from Connecticut

  8. Wednesday – Ontario pop vocal band

  9. Wednesday 13 – aka Joseph Michael Poole – lead singer of Murderdolls

  10. Wednesday Night Heroes – Edmonton punk / street punk band

  11. Thursday – post-hardcore, screamo band from New Brunswick, NJ

  12. Friday Night Boys – pop punk electronica / power pop band from Virginia

  13. On a Friday – Radiohead’s original name for their first few years

  14. Saturday Looks Good to Me – experimental indie pop band from Michigan

  15. The Saturdays – British-Irish electro pop girl group

  16. Taking Back Sunday – emo, post-hardcore, pop punk band from Long Island

  17. The Sundays – dream pop alt rock band from London, active through the 1990s


As for the five that I have – one album from The Sundays, two from Thursday, and two from Taking Back Sunday – none of these bands are seriously active right now, but when they were I was really into them. The Sundays were one of the best dream pop bands to ever exist. Thursday was one of the pioneering screamo bands, and hailed from my Rutgers University alma mater town, New Brunswick, NJ. Taking Back Sunday blended pop punk with screamo, and came up with some excellent tunes. Those last two bands had TONS of energy you could feel right through the stereo.


There’s absolutely no question these bands influenced me. The Sundays showed me it’s possible to be soft and cool. The other two bands gave me templates for merging melody and sheer force the way Foo Fighters et al. have done. Check out the album below for some major dream pop influence, and listen to the song after that to hear some major force:


REC – Sympathy for the Weird -

REC – “Three More Minutes” (from Synergy for the Weird) -


Do you remember ANY of these bands? Do you know of other bands with days in their names? Discuss dammit!

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