Nick DeMatteo is a film, stage, voice & commercial actor; a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer & recording engineer; and a film director & producer.  Nick lives to create and perform.


He was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in South Jersey's famed Camden County.  He attended Rutgers University, where he majored in Acting & Music. 

In 2000, Nick moved to NYC, and has lived there ever since.

In 2002, Nick helped to co-found the theater group, Ten Grand and a Burger Productions.  He served as a producer, actor, and composer for several stage productions, including the Cherry Lane Theater's Masquerade.


In 2004, Nick founded the band, REC, as its singer/songwriter.  REC has released four albums, including their latest, The Sunshine Seminar. 


In 2008, Nick co-founded Feenix Films LLC, acting as Vice President and Music Director until 2017, during which time he helped to bring forth six feature films, contributing a producer, director, actor, sound engineer, editor, graphic designer, and composer.

In 2010, Nick co-founded the music production team, The Drop.  The Drop has since produced tracks for several films and artists, including Leighton Meester.

In 2014, Nick co-founded the web series, Nick & Daniel Present, with Daniel Cousins.  It featured both comedy skits and original music videos.

In 2018, Nick began the audio, stage & multimedia project, MUSIC is Not a GENRE, featuring songs produced, arranged, composed & performed by Nick, with a loose narrative illustrating Nick's history in music, and the idea that all music is connected.

Nick is a veteran audio producer & engineer, with credits ranging from solo artists to full bands to film & commercial audio to film, TV & web music to voice over reels.

Nick has three children, all of whom are totes awesome and brilliant and funny and are involved in music and acting.


© 2018 by Nick DeMatteo

New York, NY